Welcome to Nuru London Pimlico, your relaxation sanctuary in the bustling heart of Pimlico. Our tranquil retreat allows you to indulge in the captivating allure of Nuru massage.

Dive into the tranquillity of Nuru massage, where ancient practices meet contemporary relaxation desires. Our massages not only soothe your body but reconnect you with your innermost feelings, offering a unique relaxation experience.

Our secluded, modern massage retreat in Pimlico awaits you. Each session at Nuru London Pimlico takes place in a serene and luxurious setting where your comfort and satisfaction are our utmost priority.

The Unique Nuru Massage Pimlico Experience

Our Nuru Massage uses a silky gel and skilled body-to-body techniques for an intimate journey. Every rhythmic glide melts away tension, sparking excitement and harmonizing energy.

Our expert masseuses, skilled in Nuru massage, intuitively navigate your body’s contours. Their touch embarks you on an unforgettable sensory expedition full of pleasure and self-discovery.

Privacy and discretion are our utmost priority at Nuru London Pimlico. We offer a secure environment to fully immerse in your Nuru massage, ensuring a tranquil experience free from concerns.

The Skill Set of Our Expert Masseuses

Our masseuses at Nuru London blend expertise and intuition, delivering a bespoke massage experience tailored to your needs.

Selected meticulously, our masseuses combine professionalism, passion, and a deep understanding of Nuru massage, offering a transformative journey of pleasure.

Our masseuses undergo comprehensive Nuru massage training, equipping them to stimulate the senses and promote deep relaxation masterfully. Each masseuse brings a distinctive touch, ensuring a sensual journey transcending the ordinary, refreshing and deeply relaxing you.

Our Range of Sensual Services at Nuru London Pimlico

At Nuru London Pimlico, we offer carefully curated services designed to deliver unique sensory experiences catered to your desires and preferences.

Our range of massage techniques caters to an array of preferences. Each technique is designed to stimulate the senses, promote relaxation, and transport you on a journey of erotic discovery.

Our signature Nuru massage offers an unforgettable sensory journey. Using a special, slippery gel, your masseuse will use her body as the primary massage tool. This body-to-body contact creates a deeply intimate, tactile experience that stimulates and relaxes in equal measure.

Apart from Nuru massage, we offer Tantra Massage, a holistic journey of erotic pleasure and spiritual awakening. Our Lingham and Prostate Massages, specifically designed for men, offer unique, intimate experiences.

The Soapy and 4 Hands Massage techniques provide heightened sensations, while our Couples and Body to Body Massages invite you to explore shared sensuality or experience the titillating sensation of a masseuse’s body against yours.

Lastly, our Yoni Massage, designed for women, promotes relaxation, healing, and enhanced sensual awareness.

Each of our services is a unique journey of pleasure and discovery, ensuring an unforgettable experience for every client.

Incall & Outcall Massage in Pimlico

Dive into a world of relaxation and sensual pleasure with our incall and outcall massage services in Pimlico. Each option is uniquely crafted to provide convenience and an unforgettable sensory journey that caters to your specific needs and preferences.


Incall Massage service in Pimlico takes place in our tranquil and beautifully-appointed apartment. This modern, inviting space has been carefully designed to ensure your utmost comfortable and relaxing massage.

Allow our skilled female massage therapist to guide you on a tantalizing sensory journey right here in our serene haven, where every detail is considered to create a perfect environment for your therapemassage experience.


For those who seek the ultimate convenience and privacy, our Outcall Massage service is the ideal choice. Bringing our exceptional service to your personal space, be it your home or a hotel room, we focus on maintaining utmost discretion and professionalism.

Our experienced masseuses will transform your space into a calming oasis, carrying all the necessary equipment to ensure a seamless and enriching experience. Relax and immerse yourself in a deeply satisfying massage, all in the comfort and familiarity of your chosen environment.

Nearby Hotels in Pimlico

If you’re planning to extend your visit to Pimlico and require a place to stay, there are several high-quality hotels nearby to suit different tastes and budgets. Here’s a brief overview of some of the closest accommodations:

  • The Belgrave: This boutique hotel combines modern amenities with timeless elegance. Located just a short walk away from our premises, it offers stylish rooms, a cosy bar, and a complimentary continental breakfast.
  • Victoria Inn London: This budget-friendly option is perfect for those seeking convenience and comfort. Located near Victoria Station, it offers easy access to various transport links and city attractions.
  • The Windermere Hotel: An award-winning boutique hotel, The Windermere offers luxury rooms and a complimentary English breakfast. Its prime location ensures you’re never far from the heart of the city.
  • The Goring: If you’re seeking a truly upscale experience, The Goring is an excellent choice. This luxury hotel offers sumptuous rooms, an award-winning dining experience, and unparalleled service.

Booking Your Nuru Massage Session

Our friendly team is ready and eager to assist you in scheduling your private retreat, ensuring a seamless process from the initial reservation to the transcendent experience itself. To secure your appointment, reach out to us via the provided contact information on our site.

At Nuru London Pimlico, we guarantee an unforgettable experience, attentively curated to awaken your senses and introduce you to new depths of tranquillity and pleasure. We look forward to accompanying you on this luxurious journey of relaxation and self-discovery.