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Nestled in the iconic heart of Notting Hill, Nuru London stands as a beacon of luxury and sensual delight. Amidst the vibrant hues and bustling lanes, our serene oasis beckons you to step away from the everyday and immerse in an unparalleled experience.

Our sanctuary exudes tranquillity, offering a respite from the urban cacophony. The Nuru experience, more than just a massage, is a dance of sensations, where the luxurious glide of our special Nuru gel and expert therapists combine to offer a tactile journey unlike any other.

Conveniently located close to Notting Hill Gate Station, our haven promises privacy, discretion, and opulence. At Nuru London, every session is a voyage of erotic discovery and pleasure.

The Mastery of Our Proficient Masseuses

At the heart of Nuru London in Notting Hill pulses a force that defines our very essence – our distinguished masseuses.

They are the guardians of an art form, the torchbearers of a tradition that has mesmerized and healed for generations. It is through their skilled hands and intuitive touch that the magic of Nuru comes alive.

Our masseuses are not merely practitioners but artisans of sensuality. Trained meticulously in the timeless traditions of Nuru massage, they weave a tapestry of sensations with every session.

Their expertise isn’t just rooted in technique but is a blend of innate passion and years of dedication to their craft. Each movement, be it a gentle caress or a deep tissue stroke, resonates with intention and understanding.

The Unique Experience Offered by Nuru London in Notting Hill

Stepping into Nuru London in Notting Hill is akin to entering a realm of exquisite sensory indulgence. Every element, from the soft ambient lighting to the gentle murmurs of soothing music, is curated to transport you away from the city’s clamour and into a sanctuary of tactile pleasure.

Our Nuru sessions stand as a testament to the fusion of therapeutic artistry and electrifying passion. It’s not merely a massage but a journey across a landscape of sensation.

The luxurious glide of the authentic Nuru gel, combined with the expert techniques of our seasoned masseuses, ensures an experience that titillates the senses and calms the soul. Each stroke, each glide, each touch is a step deeper into an oasis of relaxation and arousal.

At Nuru London, we understand the value of privacy and the allure of an undisturbed escape. That’s why we’ve meticulously crafted an environment that assures utmost discretion, allowing you to fully immerse in the Nuru experience without a care in the world.

Diverse Sensual Repertoire at Nuru London in Notting Hill

Nestled in the heart of Notting Hill, Nuru London unfurls a tapestry of tactile experiences, each meticulously crafted, each resonating with its own unique symphony of sensations.

It is here, amidst the rhythmic backdrop of the city, that one finds an array of sensual indulgences that beckon the soul and awaken the senses.

Delve first into the signature Nuru experience – a voyage that transcends mere touch. Picture a dance where every slide, every glide, every intimate embrace speaks a language older than words. The glistening gel, the warmth of skin against skin, it’s a celebration of sensuality in its purest form.

Yet, our repertoire doesn’t end there. Step into the world of our Body-to-body massage – a choreographed entwining of two souls, an ecstatic ballet of shared rhythm and mutual exploration.

For our male patrons, the Lingham and Prostate sessions carve a path deeper into the labyrinth of sensory delights; each movement is tuned to the unique cadences of male pleasure and awakening.

Feel the allure of water with our Aqua massage. Let warm droplets cascade over you as skilled hands guide you through a wet embrace, a dance of relaxation and arousal under a comforting veil of water.

Multiply the ecstasy with our 4 Hands massage. Picture a duet where two expert masseuses harmonize their touches, crafting a symphony of sensations that wash over you, enveloping you in waves of unparalleled pleasure.

To the couples seeking to amplify their connection, our Couples massage offers a shared sanctuary. A space where intimacy blossoms, where hands explore, and hearts synchronize in a rhythm of shared passion.

And for our discerning female guests, the Yoni massage beckons. It’s a gentle invitation to journey through myriad sensory realms, to discover, to heal, to rejoice in the temple that is the female form.

Finding Your Way to Nuru London in Notting Hill

Navigating your way to Nuru London in the iconic Notting Hill is simpler than ever, thanks to its strategic location and the area’s robust transportation network. Here’s your comprehensive guide to reaching us:

  • Underground: We’re in close proximity to the Notting Hill Gate Station, served by the Central, Circle, and District lines. Additionally, Queensway Station on the Central line is also a short stroll away, offering another convenient option.
  • Bus: Numerous bus routes, including the 27, 28, 31, and 70, pass through Notting Hill, making it exceedingly easy to find a direct route to us, regardless of your starting point in the city.
  • Driving: If you’re coming by car, there are several nearby car parks to choose from. Kensington Church Street Car Park and Arthur Court Car Park are both within a short distance, ensuring your vehicle is safely parked while you enjoy your session.

Incall & Outcall Massages in Notting Hill

Every soul seeks a unique experience; hence, we offer tailored sessions that resonate with your desires.


Dive into an abyss of luxury at our discreet and sophisticated Notting Hill apartment for the Incall Massage experience. Within our sanctuary, our skilled masseuses will craft an experience that’s a delicate dance of sensations, ensuring each touch creates an indelible memory.


If you prefer the comfort of familiar surroundings, opt for our Outcall Massage service. Luxury isn’t confined to a place; it’s a state of being. Allow us to transform your upscale hotel room in Notting Hill or its neighbouring locales into a serene temple of sensation.

With every outcall, we promise discretion, elevating the experience with impeccable touches that define perfection.

Seal Your Date with Sensation

Venture into a world where every caress tells a tale and where sensations become stories. By reserving your session with Nuru London in Notting Hill, you’re not just booking a massage; you’re securing a ticket to an odyssey of the senses.

Let us guide you through territories of tactile pleasure, where each touch is a whisper, and each sigh is a song. Elevate your senses, transcend the mundane, and discover uncharted realms of sensation.



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